update on the up coming months and a look back on the first half of the season

Hi everyone, It has been a while since my last update but I would like to share some info on what's coming the next weeks and a look back on the past months. I will have a long stretch of tournaments the following weeks to start it in Austria at Diamond Country Club. This will be my 5th European Tour this year and probably there are some more to come in the upcoming months, I have a good chance to get into the BMW open in Germany aswell in 3 weeks time. In between Austria and Germany I will be playing Saint-Omer(France), After that I will go to Denmark, Czech, Italie And France. I am looking forward to all these tournaments and the game is getting better and better. The past months the game was good but i made just to many mistakes from tee to green.Especially the irons to the pin have to get more precise again to get some good birdie chances. If you don't hit it close on this level, it kills you. Driving is been good and chipping aswell. A part that has to improve drastically are the bunker shots. I am working hard on it but for the moment I am just not making enough sandy's The putting definitely improved compared to the last seasons. I did some great work with a putting coach over the past weeks and will continue to do that. So I am working hard to get where I want to be. 

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