A recap on the 2022 season and some info for 2023.

Hi all,

It's been a while ago I have posted something on my website. I wanted to share some info with you all on how the 2022 season went and how it looks for 2023.

First off all, I would like to thank all my sponsors, coaches, family, friends and fans for your support during this intense season. Without you all I would not be the person/player who I am today. It has been a very long season, with lot's of tournaments and traveling. Being more than 30 weeks away from home is not easy but I am grateful to have the chance to live my dream.

I played 28th events in the 2022 season of which 3 on the DP World Tour, 24 on Challenge Tour and the final on Q-school. I made 16 cuts on 28 events with 2 times a 2nd place as my best result. I started the season very well in South-Africa which gave a huge boost towards the rest of the season. I kept on playing well but it just didn't click together for another top finish. During the middle of the season I had a tough period.  I missed 9 on 10 cuts. I made to many mistakes and I tried to force it. After this bad streak I had a week off to work hard with the coaches to get back on track. I started working with a new mental coach aswell who is very complementary with the rest of the team. We did a lot of good work which resulted in 12 on 14 cuts. The game was very solid during all these weeks but we didn't have a high finish which makes a big difference and is needed to climb in the ranking. In the end I finished 33th on the Road to Mallora ranking (Challenge tour) which gives me some playing rights (10-15 events) on the DP World Tour for 2023. I still had 1 more chance to get full Status on the DP World Tour by finishing top 25 on the Final stage of Q-school. Unfortunately I finished 35th and just missed out on achieving one of my goals.

I have been playing pretty consistent golf over the past years with some high finishes ons different tours. I have been close a few times with making it to the DP World Tour but so far no full card yet. This is the main objective towards next year to finally play a full year out there.

So 2023 will be another season with many tournaments for me. How the schedule will look is not sure yet. I am looking with my team next week on how it will look like. Over the next weeks, I will have it updated on my website. 

Once again thank you all for the support and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


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