Christopher Mivis

Belgian Professional Golfer

My passion to play golf started at Cras-Avernas golf club when I was 12 years old. My grandpa was the one who took me there. And from the beginning, I was in Love with this game. After a few days I got my first clubs and I was obsessed with them. Every moment I had the time, I tried to hit golfshots no matter where... Because I played tennis before I was able and talented enough to get a good handicap in a short period. At the age of 16 I knew I wanted to become a golfprofessional so I went to a golfschool in Hasselt. I wanted to spend as much time I had in this game so this was ideal. I started to play some national and international events and wanted to improve all the time. At the age of 17 I started to play for the national team. First for the boys, then for the men. I had some incredible experiences throughout these years playing in several international competitions, European championships and world championship.
At the age of 24 I decided to turn professional and untill this day my journey still continues....

Born: Sint-Truiden, Belgium november 8th 1988  
Residence: Sint-Truiden, Belgium                                  
Height: 187cm                            
Weight: 82kg
Turned Professional: 2012
Hobbies: sports, cooking, family
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Bart Bollen

Golf coach

Bart is my golfcoach since the age of 15 since than we achieved many things together.

Chris Henry

Mental coach

Chris is a former snooker player. During his career, he became really passionate about the mental side of the game. Now he works with the best players in the world in snooker and golf.

Gym W&S

Physical coach

Wake up stronger 🏋️‍♂️ by W&S! personal training on a very high level with very passionate people!

Stijn Indeherberge

Sports doctor

Happy to have Stijn in my team for several years now. He works with lot's of athletes in different sports on a very high level. He is also the Co-founder of Adlon and the sports clinic in Genk.

Maikel Simons

Sports Treatments and massages

Maikel is a very motivated guy, who loves sports since an early age. He became specialized in sports treatments and massages, with attention to the mobility and functionality of the athlete. He is also part of the physical staff of the Red Devils.

Golf Etc


Rob and Louise are for a very long time in the business of clubfitting. They are very specialized and always ready to help. For me personally the best Clubfitter out there.

Thierry Vandendries

Putting coach

PuttBetter© is a disruptive complete putting solution for each golfer. From beginner to professional, you may discover your true personal putting feel and be fitted accordingly.