Update May!

Hi everyone, 

In the beginning of May, we received some good news concerning the reopening of the golf courses. After 7 weeks without golf it was nice to start again.I think everyone who likes this game was over the moon to get some rounds in the books. I have been fortunate to play 2 different courses over the last weeks. one of them was Royal Limburg golf club. After a period of heat and drought the last years, the conditions of the course was very good! They did a really good job over the past months to get the course back to this level. The other course was Royal Hainaut golf club and wals also in very good condition. 

Cause there is no certainty when we restart the season, it is hard to focus only on golf. that's why I am still doing a lot of other sports such as cycling, running and physical exercises. Cycling become a hobby for me and I really like to make long trips. 

Now the car dealers opened as-well, BMW Jorssen surprised me with a new car for the upcoming months. I was so excited to cruise in it and discover all the new options. 

I am fortunate to have such a good team around me in good and difficult times!!!

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