Update April!

Hello everyone, 

Since my last update, I was hoping we could all play some golf again. unfortunately we are still in lockdown. Especially now with this beautiful weather it's hard to follow the rules, but please stick to it. It is so important we manage this situation all together, this will give us a chance in the near future to play again on our beautiful courses.

Last week we also received an update from the tour concerning the tournaments. Most of them are postponed till further notice. The first one on the schedule now is middle of June. But I don't think this will take place. If the situation is not going to do get better soon they have to start cancelling tournaments cause there is no more space available  on the schedule. They do everything they can to get us back out  on the course asap but for now, no competition golf in the near future. 

In the meantime we try to keep fit although . That we are still allowed to exercise is great, so you try to find some new things to keep you busy. Running, cycling, mountain biking and exercising. 

I wish everyone all the best and stay safe.  

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