Trip to China

It's been a while ago but I wanted to let you know how it has been. Last week I played a tournament in Kunming (China). this tournament counted towards the Challenge Tour ranking. It was a really long trip to get there but it was worth it! The course was unbelievable! The greens were the best I have ever played on, they were so fast and had so many slopes on them. It is hard to believe that in the middle of nowhere they build such a great course, no wonder the Asian players are developing in an incredible speed. All the courses I played so far In China are in a superb condition, they do a great job. My tournament wasn't the best one. Since the beginning of the year I make to many big mistakes and you can see that in my scorecard. there are plenty of positive things aswell but I have to make less errors for a good result. The game feels good but I need some competitions in a row. From next week the season will really start with every week a tournament till november. although the result wasn't great last weekend, I feel comfortable going into the next weeks. The key will be patience and believe and the results will follow. 

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