Happy Day's

From now on I will write an update every week how life is on tour, give you updates and feedback on my tournaments and give you some more info about my weekly program.

Back to last weeks competition in Pretoria, once more it has been a good experience. We played on a beautiful course and it was in good condition. Although it wasn't my best week I was able to make the cut. I know that my level of play is good enough to compete at this tour, I just need some more competitions to adapt to the course standards (higher rough, firmer greens,..) 

This week and beginning of next week I will be practicing in SA to prepare myself for the Barclays Kenya Open. This is the first and the biggest tournament of the Challenge tour 2018.

Yesterday something very special happened. I asked my girlfriend to marry me :-D  She is been a great support over the past years, and great to have her by my side. 

keep you posted!

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